Motivation and Cliches
Entrepreneur World Cup 2019, Saudi Arabia

For 18 years as a teacher, I told my students they had something special, to find the one gift that was uniquely theirs that they could share with the world. This gift is how they will make it in the world. Believe in yourself, be brave, don't worry about fitting in. At what point as adults will we say this to ourselves? We invest our life years ignoring our dreams. Yes, teamwork is important. We need to learn to work in a unit that is bigger than ourselves but we also should have the courage to go against the grain. Walk the path less traveled. Listen to your heart. Talent is given out equally in the world, but wealth isn't. But that is not a stop sign. Use what you have, double it, save, and hustle. Invest in yourself, you could be great, but first, you have to try. Success is the by-product of work.

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