One of the most important things in business besides having a useful product that people can afford is forming lasting relationships with clients. I have read that people do not like to be hunted, that's the high-pressure sales technique. We found that listening to the needs of the client, getting feedback, and responding to suggestions creates clients who feel valued and become repeat customers. In business, relationships take many forms, and it is crucial that you are honorable and everyone has dignity. You purchase from suppliers, people purchase from you, you interact with parallel businesses, each interaction is more than the point of purchase. These are your evangelists, referral points, testimonials. Sales do not grow simply from advertising, but by word of mouth (organic), and every interaction you have- should be a testimony of your business character, philosophy, and culture. So the point is - you are your business, represent your business in a positive way 24/7 build real relationships, listen, and be honorable.

Wilton Street Across from D. W. Davis

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